Since I’m an Aquarian myself, I feel well-equipped to answer the following question — are Aquarius sign people weird or genius? I think Aquarians have genius potential but sometimes express themselves in ways that make others think they’re weird. Aquarius sign individuals are gifted with the ability to conceptualize outside the box; a unique perspective that at times seems foreign to the more conservative signs of the zodiac.

At their best, Aquarian ideas can be eye-opening and insightful. At their worst,  they can seem extreme and delusional. The result is dependent on two things: one, the Aquarian’s own ability to translate his/her unique ideas in ways that don’t shock and alienate others, and two, the other party’s own beliefs and perceptions about life.  You’ll probably think that the Aquarius sign person in your life is a genius if your definition of “different” is “unique.” However, if you believe that “different” is “odd,” then you’ll find that same person more peculiar than brilliant.

Let’s find out what you think about Aquarians. Take a sec and look at the cartoon picture above. What do you see? The man is looking at the animals behind the window, right? But, consider for a moment that it is the  animals observing the man? Can you imagine such a thing? Or is the concept simply too ridiculous for you to fathom? Your answer should give you a clue about whether you think Aquarius sign people are weird or genius.

For the typical Aquarian, this question is a no-brainer. We sense a potential reality beyond our current awareness and aren’t thrown off by what it could entail. Therefore, animals watching us, birds talking about us, or plants loving us are all within the realm of possibility in the Aquarius universe. To us, knowledge is a forever evolving entity shifting human perception of the “truth.” And it is this mysterious flow of yet-to-be-known facts that stimulates our curiosity and mental creativity. Is this weird or genius? You judge for yourself. But, the next time you meet a quirky Aquarius and immediately think to yourself – “weirdo!”, consider that this person just might be a creative genius a bit ahead of his/her time.

Happy birthday to all you Aquarians out there! May this year bring you closer to your inspired life.

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I wrote the following poem with a specific planetary configuration in mind. Can you guess which natal/transit setup symbolizes this person’s emotional state? What two planets might be battling each other in this scenario? Would love to know what you think. J

“The Time Has Come”

I sit and wait for the sun to rise
Sneaking peeks…still in disguise.

What is it that haunts me, teases me, and leaves me
Could it be me? … Or memories from the past?

Years have passed since my heart and eyes shook hands…
One might think that they had never met.


I sit and wait for a ghost to take my hand…
To lead me forward and make me less afraid.

Again and again I scream prayers within myself,
Whispers that disperse like dust blown off a shelf.

I miss me…I want me…dreams of peeling layers falling lightly in
my trail…
Help me please…release me…I’m too young to wear a veil.


I sit and wait, watch others pass me by…
Can’t help but wonder what makes me stay behind.

Do I not know what others seem to be?
Can I not see what lies in front of me?

Why do I retreat and insist on playing hide-and-seek?
Who am I so afraid to meet?

One day the search will end and I will realize the abundance I
could have had.


I sit and wait wondering what has brought me here…
The earth, the stars, the soul…the answer’s bluntly clear.

I thank my life for the journey through my veins…
Who would I be without the swords and chains?

But a wonderer lost among the plains.


I sit and wait and who do I see?
“Where have you been?” I said to me.

Building courage to be free!

The time has come to shed the shell,
The flesh is cramped and needs some air.

Fires need a bit of air to spread their wings…
And so do we if we’re to heal and become kings.


I no longer sit and wait…
I’m finally ready to create!

“Who am I?” I ask myself again…
You are the one the world awaits!


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Today I had a thought — since I called my site Romantic-Ideas-for-Life, it would probably be a good idea if I actually shared some of my “romanticized” ideas about life, and love, with you. On this day, I’ve been inspired by love and want to say this…

Love openly, fearlessly, and unconditionally.

Love as you want, not as you’re told. Define your terms and stick to them.  Love in a way that makes you happy, whether that means short spurts or long marathons, with or without marriage, and including kids or not.

All that matters is that you LOVE. Open your heart. And if it gets hurt, forgive and let go. Don’t close off to the next possibility. Because the longer we live, the more dependent we become on love as our primary survival tool.

Soul-mated love is a living fantasy, yes. But you can find equal depth and vastness in ordinary, intimate, exposed love. Look for the real and the breathing in your relations. Observe the actions of the body and notice the messages coming from the eyes. Listen to your senses and follow their guidance.

And trust that your love will last for as long as it needs to before making room for the next lesson to come your way. Yes, love is just another lesson in your journey. A lesson that teaches you about you, others, and the world. Try to experience as many of these lessons in your lifetime as you can. Because at the end, I sense that love is all that will be remembered.

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Dear Friends…

March 28, 2010 was the day I left the United States to take my first steps on the land of the sacred White Lion.

I dreamed of going to Africa ever since I was a little girl. I suspect it was the influence of my favorite childhood cartoon character Dr. Eibalit, a veterinarian who devoted his life to healing the animals of this vast continent. Even as I got older, and went on to do other things, I carried this secret vision deep within my soul and knew, that one day, I would too go to Africa, as did doctor Eibalit, to help save the animals.

Childhood dreams often remain just that, dreams. However, mine came true and I wondered why. Knowing that life is a gifted teacher, I knew that there had to be a good reason why I was chosen to meet the friends that I did, walk the land that I’ve always dreamed of walking, and bond with the only living White Lions in the world. Today, after receiving alarming news regarding the potential extinction of the White Lions, I finally know the reason why – so I could ask you, to help me, save them. The action we take, or do not take, together regarding this matter will prove to be significant in ways beyond our current understanding.

According to Linda Tucker, “adoptive mother” of the White Lions and founder of The Global White Lion Trust, African Sangomas (indigenous priests) have long recognized White Lions as the direct messengers of the divine—embodying a sacred essence that balances our planet’s ecosystems, and brings true leadership among living beings. White Lions are said to have been the first animals created on Earth and the last ones to roar if our times were to come to an end. Needless to say, White Lions are among the rarest of animals on the planet and their survival is of invaluable importance, not only for conservation reasons but equally for spiritual reasons associated with the survival of our own species.

I believe that if we, as a human family, unite to show the universe our ability to suspend our worldly difficulties for a mightier cause, we may just be able to persuade “it” to give us a second chance. If you’re curious why I just said that, click here to read more about the spiritual meanings associated with the White Lions and Timbavati (the region in South Africa where they live).

To show your support for The Global White Lion Trust and Linda Tucker’s fight to protect the White Lions, click here. The first 100 people to donate over $10.00 will receive a FREE Spiritual Path Report from me. Just send me the receipt of your donation via the contact me form on my site with the words “Save the White Lions” in the subject line. And don’t forget to include your birth information – date (month/day/year), time (AM/PM) if known, and place (city/state/country) of birth. I’ll try to get the report to you as quickly as possible.

I’m here and you’re here for reason. So let’s test our POWER. Better yet, let’s exercise our ROAR!

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Places have birthdays just like we do. So, before you choose your next romantic travel destination, I suggest you consider the following:

First, once you’ve decided on an itinerary, find the date of birth (date of incorporation) of your travel destination (city, state, and/or country). If the locale’s sun sign and/or moon sign is compatible with your sun and/or moon sign, most likely you will feel a natural pull/attraction to that travel destination.

Second, choose a romantic travel destination that will satiate the desires of your soul. The sign of your natal Venus position describes the types of activities that make your heart pump faster and stronger and fill it with warmth and joy. For instance, if your Venus is in the sign of Sagittarius, as mine is, you’re probably attracted to distant lands that offer plenty of opportunity for adventure and intellectual/spiritual exploration and pursuits. However, if your Venus is in Pisces, you might be attracted to romantic travel destinations that are near large bodies of water offering serene, mystical, and laidback experiences. Or, if you’re a Gemini sign Venus, locales that are cultural, trendy, and socially-oriented might be more to your liking. In any case, next time you plan a romantic vacation, experiment by choosing a destination that offers the type of activities that speak to your Venus sign.

Third, consider booking a session with an astrologer who specializes in astrocartography. You can either have the astrologer analyze destinations that you’ve chosen or have them make recommendations of their own. What’s amazing about the astrology of space is that it can take the guesswork out of finding a place for your love-life to flourish. A special map will show you exactly where your romantic energies are emphasized and brought forth.

Finally, remember the allure of the unknown. Don’t plan everything. Maybe — don’t plan anything. Buy your ticket and just go. Often, the most wonderful experiences result from unpredictable circumstances and meetings. So choose a destination and go where your intuition takes you. Whether this is my Sagittarius Venus talking or not, I will bet your spontaneous trip will leave you with many memories to sustain you until your next adventure.

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This past Tuesday, I attended a lecture sponsored by a large NYC organization. The title of the seminar was:  Secrets for Attracting the Love You Want if You’re Over 40. Curious to hear what Big Apple singles had to say about their lives and interested in getting some pointers on finding love, I decided to attend. However, instead of leaving with an arsenal of good tips to share with you, I left upset and frustrated by what I saw and heard.

For starters, I showed up and saw only women in the audience. Interesting, I thought to myself. Then, as I begin listening to the presenters and their cliché suggestions, my blood began to boil. Not only was I upset at the suggestions, but I was actually getting  angry as I listened to beautiful, intelligent women questioning their attractiveness and substance by asking the most ridiculous questions about how to attract and keep a man.

One woman asked – “If I’m interested only in marriage and children, is it ok for me to ask a man on the first date if he’s serious about me and wants the same thing?” And one of the so-called gurus answered her by saying , “There’s no need to ask exactly that. Instead, why don’t you ask about his five-year plan and if he sees you being part of it.”

What? Have we gone mad? Five-year plans with marriage and children, all on a first date? Did we forget that life doesn’t let us see into the future? What about simply enjoying one another before making a list of demands? Ladies, it’s time to let go of “should” and “should nots” and begin relearning and experiencing things as though for the first time.

Think about men for a moment.  They often see what they want and go after it. They pursue the immediate experience rather than foreseeing future events that might never be. They feel and then they act. That’s it. Women, on the other hand, in their attempt to conform to centuries-old social protocols and expectations, kill the joy of the dating process. As a result, many women over forty are failing to attract the very connections they seek.

If I had been the speaker at Tuesday’s conference, I would have said the following:

1.  Remember that life is a continuous chain of cycles. So if love is not knocking on your door right now, there’s probably a good reason for it. Maybe this is the time to reevaluate and realign other areas of your life so that when love does come along you will be ready to embrace it with an open and strong, heart.

2.   Everyone’s path does not end in marriage. So when you meet a man, think of the meeting as an experience, as a hopefully beautiful journey of exploration that may or may not  end in forever. I read a wonderful quote once that said that some people enter our lives for a reason, others for a season, and the rest for a lifetime. The point is to be open to all three because all three can transform you in ways that support your personal growth and evolution. So don’t go trying to turn a seasonal guy into a forever guy – you’ll be wasting your time.

3.  Dare to act according to your own visions and not those of your friends and family.  What I mean is, have the courage to be yourself even if that means going against the tide.  If you want to call a guy first, call. If you want to ask a guy out, do. If we act according to our inner-yearnings, it feels right, even if the outcome is not to your liking.

4.   Stop looking for the definite. The “truth” is forever evolving and differs from one person to the next. So stop asking guys if they want marriage and children and what their five-year plan is. It’s more than likely that, even if he has one, it will change.  Or maybe, yours will. Instead, try to find the kind of man  you want to be around, the one who makes you a bit nervous and excited at the same time. The one who asks if you’re cold and gives you a sweater, who  calls to ask if you got home ok, or the one who’s interested in your goals, visions, and dreams. Stop asking the typical interview questions. Dating isn’t a business. Focus on your intuition, what you’re actually feeling and hearing, what you’re touching and seeing. Your senses will not steer you wrong. On the contrary, they will bring you closer to what you want – someone to love who will love you back.

5.  Most importantly, play at life, celebrate it, romance it. Try to create a life that comes naturally to you. And once you begin showing up in social and professional circles that nourish your soul, it is more than likely you’ll find a man who will be the life companion you are looking for.

If you’re forty and single, don’t sweat it. Because as they say, the best things in life come to those who wait. So be patient, and in the meantime – PARTYYYY!!!

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Ok you Aquarians, we know you’re open minded and experimental, so here you go to the ancient city of Novi Sad, capital of the Serbian province of Vojvodina. We also know you’ve seen a lot, so there are few things that will be new to you in your travels. Maybe in Novi Sad, there are only three: its incredible rivers, its ravishing sky and its friendly, openhearted people.   The river is the mighty Danube, which begins as a trickle of water in the German Black Forest town of Donaueschingen. It gives little intimation there of the greatness that is yet to come. But at Novi Sad, it has culminated in its one-mile wide majesty. And here at Novi Sad, the ancient fortress of Petrovaradinska Tvrdja overlooks this colossus of water.

Let’s start the day at the center of this Aquarius city that was founded in the 16th century. The small square is full of hotels and restaurants where you can have a hearty breakfast with meat.  Prepare yourself, however, for the biggest meal of the day from 3-to 6 in the afternoon. I hope you’re geared up for huge quantities of soup, roasted meat and potatoes and a pickle salad as a side dish. Yum.

Novi Sad is the second biggest city in Serbia, with a population of almost 200,000 people. Its architecture was greatly influenced by the mighty Magyar warriors of Hungary.  The first impression you get about Novi Sad is how calm it is. Very calm. At some point, though, you will become aware that the calmness contains great passion and power. From the Magyar legacy? The thought drifts through you that this combination of passion and power may well revitalize your Novi Sad experience and your questing consciousness.  Then someone tells you that the nightlife in Novi Sad is more than vivid and that people from all over Serbia come to Novi Sad looking for fun. For a while, the deeper part of you is content to silently accompany you on your visit Novi Sad’s sights, sounds and food.

In the center of the city is Dunavska Street. Beautiful. Beautiful. It looks like time has stopped there and it is still the 16th  or 17th ht century. One look at this short sweet street takes your breath away. And then it’s straight on to Dunavski Park. One beauty after another.

We wander now into the outskirts of the city and admire the broad meandering rivers and fertile plains. It’s almost too much to take in in one day. Then it’s back for an early dinner that we spoke about and then to think about sleep. Your senses are almost overloaded. But it is a good overload. Perhaps in your room before you sleep, you will see the moon rise and you are there, alert, relaxed, tired – the uncovered you, the unguarded you, receptive to the uniqueness of your real Aquarius self.

Take courage from this steadfast city of Novi Sad, a romantic travel destination par excellence and also a city that has gone through its share of sorrow and joys, with its residents clinging to her and protecting her at the same time.   I think you will leave Novi Sad with the full understanding of what thousands of visitors before you meant when they said about this peaceful vibrant city:  “I know I have to go back. Whenever I am here a sense of newness, discovery and creativity emerges in me.”

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Many of you have asked me about zodiac signs that are compatible with one another. For example, is the Scorpio sign good with the Libra sign? Does the Pisces sign get along with the Aquarius sign, and is the Virgo sign attracted to the Leo sign? I often come across black and white yes or no answers to these questions based solely on traditional sun sign analysis. If only the living of life itself were that simple! My answers are more subtle and nuanced.

We humans are complex creatures and often are pulled toward others by forces we don’t understand, staying with those who baffle us and leaving others we understand completely (or think we do). What is it  that draws us into these contradictory webs of entanglement? My guess is that it’s the other factors of our charts overcoming  the power of our sun signs. For example, the moon’s sign in our charts, together with its aspects and house position, describes our security needs, emotional self-expression, instinctual behavior patterns, and the types of partners we might seek. So when looking for a mate, we could be drawn more to the characteristics represented by the needs of our moon sign rather than those of our zodiac sun sign.

Another long-term bond initiator is Saturn. Often, when we see one individual’s Saturn connect to another’s personal planets, we can be pretty sure that these two people will be in each other’s lives for a long time. The relationships formed under the influence of this aspect are not always easy, but most result in long-lasting unions. The reason is that Saturn’s lessons take a while to master and a lifetime to maintain. Some of you might balk at the amount of work required. However, the rewards for those who pass Saturn’s tests are huge in power and longevity. Remember, “no gain without pain” is a cliché precisely because it is true.

And then we have the Nodes of the Moon. You probably have experienced their workings even if you think you haven’t because it is the nodal connections between our charts that make us feel as though the stranger we’ve just met has been a friend for a lifetime. When one person’s nodes bond with another person’s personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars), there is  often a powerful sensation of “Hey, I already know you,” at the first meeting.  I can’t be certain, but it’s a safe bet that you’ve already experienced this feeling of certainty before.

My two reasons for sharing this information with you are (1) to encourage you to give an “incompatible” sun sign a chance. If you only know what lies on the surface you don’t know very much; (2) to encourage you to take the plunge and explore these techniques for yourself.

Make the following experiment. Think of a person with whom you connected immediately, someone with whom you felt “it was meant to be.” Then go to the North Node Data page and find the nodal positions for both of you. See if either of your nodes connected to the other person’s personal planets. I’d love to know what you find. I believe that if we filter  astrological hypotheses through our own personal experiences and share our findings with each other, we can come closer to the truth we all seek.

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Sagittarians, we know you like to travel. You wouldn’t be a Sagittarius sign individual if you didn’t. It’s part of your expansive and exploratory nature. And this is the time for you to make a spiritually romantic travel destination a reality of your life. So get ready to romance the essence of your soul, the still core of your body, and the freely wandering nature of your spirit. Lift your arms to the wind and the sky, fasten your seat belt and travel, by plane, ship or maybe best of all – mind, to the city of Lumbini, a peerless romantic travel destination, where the Enlightened One, Shakyamuni Buddha was born in 642 BC.

By all accounts, Lumbini was founded in November 864 BC. In the Buddha’s time, it was in Northern India, but now it’s part of Nepal, in the foothills of the sublime Himalaya Mountains.

Life, power, and passion course through the legendary gardens of Lumbini. Maya Devi, the mother of the Buddha, gave birth to him while she was resting under a Sal tree in the gardens. The temple of Maya Devi, which was built over the foundations of four earlier temples, has a sacred bathing pool known as Pukarni. Many believe that Maya Devi took a bath in the pool before giving birth to the Buddha. Nearby is a deep blue river called the “Ol” River. In 1996, an archaeological dig found a flawless stone in the river that was placed there by the Emperor Ashoka in 249 BC to mark the exact location of the Buddha’s birth.

Sagittarians, connect to your beloved natural world as you meander through the dark shrubs drinking in the melody of the night and watch as, from afar, the moon sails through the dark sky, nightingales sing and, in the distance the mighty “Ol” River glimmers.

It’s likely that you will stay, calm and spellbound, until the early hours of the morning, and then raising your head to the radiant dawn, your heart will be led by Lumbini’s centuries-old accumulation of wisdom and passion to focus as perhaps never before on the true knowledge of your heart’s desire.

Lumbini will repay your visit in heart gold and, long after your trip, its bell notes will linger in your Sagittarius soul like the joyful sounds of Lumbini’s night birds that sing you into sleep.

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Feeling in a motivational dead zone?  Here’s a direction – let’s call it a romantic travel destination just for you intense, eagle-soaring Scorpios.

The great Scorpio-ruled city of Ghent  in Belgium has an astral pull that will pump you up to a sky’s-the-limit confidence and hope. And Scorpio sign travelers, this is the time to go there.  Crisp fall colors, air, (muted and blazing at the same time) filled with leaves in every hue of color, splashing waters and canals surrounding you and, high overhead, birds singing joyfully. It all converges to say, whether you are coming back or going forward, here is a city in which to rest and be energized. No motivational dead zones for you in Ghent.

A recent poll found that residents of this special Scorpio city – there are a quarter million of them – consider their home to be the most beautiful city in Europe and a romantic travel destination of the most discriminating tourists.

An ancient center of the great medieval wool weaving industry, the canal-riven city of Ghent nestles snugly in the triangle formed by the confluence of the Scheldt, Meuse, and Rhine Rivers.  The heart of Ghent is as much a museum to its towering medieval past as it is the vibrant center of a living present. Just a short walk from the center is the spectacularly beautiful flower area, where you will amble on your morning walks in this marvelous travel destination. You’ll see pink blossoms and beds of late-blooming pansies, along with daffodils trimming the edges of gardens.  And bursts of azaleas, tulips, peonies, dogwood and gladioli. Together they create a haze of color like a clear quiver over everything, like the colorless vibration about a flame.  Ghent has an incredible flower presence and fragrance all year long – truly a blessing to those who wander its cobbled streets.

Linger a while and watch the flowers being gently placed on trucks that carry them to ships at the North Sea port, or to the airport, bound for destinations throughout the world.  Wherever they go, the flowers of Ghent will lighten the hearts of people all over the planet.

Scorpios, you will unquestionably experience the return of confidence and sureness as you move into the aura of Ghent’s powerful Scorpio past. Deal seriously with this aura. Relax and enjoy the awe.  Good things are in the atmosphere. Past and present are in harmonious confluence. You can feel the disparate parts of your life and personhood moving towards each other. Your own past, present and future – you can feel it – are joining like the three-part delta of the Rhine, Meuse and Scheldt – themselves born in the mists of time. Your life merges with the waters and like a dream, your own trinity of past, present, and future merges with the opening of a new day.

Try not to miss Ghent my passionate Scorpio explorers. It will not fail you. It is a romantic travel destination and so much more.

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